Fundación Peña Luna - Rehabilitación del Silillo

At Peña Luna, we not only love the art of producing olive oil, but also the land where it is born. We proudly present our rehabilitation project, El Silillo, a vision that goes beyond the production of EVOO to embrace the essence of our land. 🌿🏡

Objectives of the Silillo Rehabilitation Project

Fundación Peña Luna - Rehabilitación del Silillo

1- Respectful Insertion in the Territory

Every corner of the Silillo is understood and respected, embracing the authenticity of our region. We immerse ourselves in local history and culture to create a space that is a recognition of our land.

2- Minimal environmental impact

We use the existing footprint of the farmhouse so as not to consume more land. The rehabilitation becomes a story of continuity, respecting the architectural heritage of our ancestors.


3- Sustainable architecture

Every corner of the Silillo will be built with natural materials, to facilitate its integration with the environment.

4- Natural light

El Silillo will be illuminated by the golden light of the Andalusian sun. In addition, we will install solar panels to make the most of our natural resources and we will continue to move towards a 100% sustainable production model.

5- Winery and Cellar

The Silillo is not only a place of production; it is a space where PEÑA LUNA and the people converge in harmony. The bodega and the bodeguilla, linked by a central courtyard, create an atmosphere where each drop of oil tells its own story.

6- Continuity between Production and Innovation

Transparency between the production area and the innovation area is key. We want every step of the process to be visible, a window into the passion and dedication we put into each bottle.

7- Handbook of Insertion in the Territory

The Silillo is not just a project, it is a guide for sustainable rehabilitation. Our manual for insertion in the territory demonstrates that reuse and recovery can be the key to a brighter and more conscious future.

Fundación Peña Luna - Rehabilitación del Silillo

Join us on this exciting journey towards sustainability and authenticity. El Silillo is more than just a place; it is a recognition of our land as a producer of Top quality EVOO .

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