More than 5,000 years ago, olive oil was already used to light palaces and temples, but it was the Phoenicians who cultivated the olive tree for the first time in history. It was also of great importance in ancient Egyptian culture, which it reached by sailing down the Nile in 2300 BC.
The olive tree was life, fertility and peace in Greek mythology, while Imperial Rome spread olive oil know-how throughout the Mediterranean basin. The Romans were the first importers of the most prized olive oil of the time in ceramic amphorae, its origin? Hispania (Spain).

There have been many civilisations, towns and people who dedicated their lives to the production of olive oil, among them Manuel Segura Rodríguez, my grandfather, who was a man of the countryside. My grandfather’s favourite dedication was the cultivation of the olive tree and its ultimate and primordial aim, the production of olive oil.

Every year, with the olives hanging from the tree, my grandfather would take a few olives and put them in a small cotton bag, pressing them with his strong, wrinkled and rough hands. Once the olives were pressed with his hands, he would taste the various juices, tasting the flavour, gauging the degree of acidity and checking the liquid obtained in the sunlight.

AOVE Peña Luna - Manuel Segura

He would repeat the task in his own vineyards in Pedrera, La Puebla and in those of Osuna. Knowing what to expect after his personal and artisan tastings, he took the harvests to the olive mill, and with the oil just produced, he made the combinations he considered most appropriate from the different origins, carrying out the corresponding «Coupage».

Each year he had three varieties, hojiblanca, arbequina and manzanilla, which he used in different proportions to make the coupage. And finally he bottled the oil, which he called SEGURA Y MANCHA, his first surname Segura and the first surname of his wife Mancha. And he only made it available to his family and friends. In 2014 my father Manuel Ramón and I decided to follow his example and share our product.

Today, this project is reborn and materialises with Peña Luna, where we want to perpetuate our history and offer the production of the best EVOO while preserving the ancestral traditions and the legacy of our family. Our joy is to produce a sublime EVOO for the gourmet market and limited editions.


Peña Luna is made up of a large family. Each of the men and women who work on this project do so with care, enthusiasm and professionalism. We are very proud to be able to count on these great people who give their energy so that the product comes out magnificent each campaign.



“The soul of our land is born in every bottle”


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