Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess in a castle called Moon Castle. When night fell, it towered high on its hill, and its white limestone walls shone and glowed like the moon itself. At dawn, a carpet of poppies and barley fields covered the surrounding land. However, in spite of such beautiful scenery and the riches she enjoyed, this princess was very unhappy...

Hojiblanca variety

Tasting Note
A very balanced aove. On the nose it reminds us of leaves, tropical fruits, tomato and artichoke. On the palate, the leaf and artichoke stand out with a very balanced spiciness and bitterness.

Food pairing: It goes great with salads, pasta and risottos.


Arbequina variety

Tasting Note
This oil is complex on the palate and harmoniously combines aromas of fresh and dried fruits. It has a subtle flavour of apple, tomato, green banana and fig.

Food pairing: White fish, marinades, salads and pastries.

One night, the parents, in an attempt to cheer up their only daughter, organised a magnificent party in the castle, which was attended by neighbours and even people from the Far East. The princess danced, talked and laughed all night long, but something inside her heart was pressing so hard that she could not fully enjoy herself.

AOVE Peña Luna - Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra de Extracción temprana Hojiblanca Ecológico

Organic - Hojiblanca Variety

Tasting Note
Fruity of green olives of medium-high intensity, and aromatic notes of freshly cut grass, wild plants and vegetables. Tomato, green grass and artichoke appear. Progressive bitterness and spiciness. It has a pleasant persistence, it is a very aromatic and balanced oil.

Pairing: It is a delicious oil to consume raw at breakfast and snacks with traditional breads.

Formato disponible: Botella Cristal 500ML

Variedad Koroneiki

Tasting Note
The nose detonates wild flowers, dried fruits, pepper and Japanese citrus yuzu. On the palate is more spicy than bitter, with a hint of hazelnut and fennel.

Maridaje: Es ideal para ensaladas, marinados de salmón, atún o anchoas. También con tartar de salmón, atún, lubina y ceviches.

aove koroneiki

At the end of the night, when the princess was saying goodbye to all the guests, a handsome, dark-haired man with big green eyes took her hand and, looking fixedly at her, said to her: we need you, help us... and then disappeared into the crowd. The sad princess was confused and felt the need to find that man to discover what was tormenting her so much. Hours, days and months went by, but no matter how hard they searched, no one knew the whereabouts of that mysterious character.


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