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Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Early Extraction



As many of you already know, our Ancestral Event is a tradition started by my grandfather, Manuel Segura, more than 50 years ago. On this day of celebration we gather friends, family and professional tasters to taste our freshly extracted single-varietal EVOOs and elaborate the Ancestral Coupage of the season.

This year has been a very special day for our family because, for the first time, we have been able to celebrate our event in the threshing floor that we have restored and we have explained our restoration project of our old "Silillo" in Antequera, where we will place the future headquarters of Peña Luna. We have also added our Pico Limón variety to the tasting table and it will soon be available in our online shop.

For us it is the most important day of the year because it is when our customers can get to know how our EVOO is made and what Peña Luna really is. Still don't know our Ancestral Event?

AOVE Peña Luna - Paraguas mecánico

Early harvesting

Every year we aim for those attending the event to learn more about our culture and extra virgin olive oil. 

In order to produce a quality early extraction EVOO, it is necessary to carry out the extraction in October and November, when the olives are still green, and it is very important that not too much time passes from the time the olives are picked until the oil is extracted.

At Peña Luna, we use mechanical umbrellas to collect the fruit more quickly so that it does not touch the ground. We collect a small quantity of olives and transport them quickly to our oil mill.

AOVE Peña Luna - Equipo
AOVE Peña Luna - AOVE recien extraido

Portable Organic Olive Oil Mill

Traditionally, the olives have been taken to the mill to extract the oil, but in our family, thanks to our Portable Organic Oil Mill, we take the mill to where the olives are. 

This practice means that the process from the time the olives are harvested until the EVOO is extracted takes just a few minutes, we improve the quality of our oils, we greatly reduce CO2 emissions and we move towards a more sustainable production model.

But the most incredible thing about our olive oil mill is the fresh EVOO it produces and the happiness it produces in the people who taste it, this is the most important thing for us.


AOVE Peña Luna - Almazara Ecológica Portatil

Professional tasters 


Every year, an international team of professional tasters tastes our early extraction AOVEs. At Peña Luna we are committed to quality, having the evaluation of professional experts allows us to improve our AOVEs year after year.

Therefore, professional tasters are a fundamental part of our Ancestral Event. This year our table of tasters was composed of Catherine Fogel (Denmark), Alexis Kener (USA), Tomiko Tanaka (Japan), Alberto Roldan (Spain), Begoña Amurrio (Spain) and Marina Segura (Spain). Each of them has a different profile and a wealth of experience in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil sector. 

AOVE Peña Luna - Evento Ancestral 2023
AOVE Peña Luna - Coupage A y B

Coupage Ancestral 2023 


After tasting the early extraction monovarietals, the tasters decided to elaborate two coupages. Coupage A, with a spicier and more bitter taste, made with the Hojiblanca and Arbequina varieties, and Coupage B, with a milder and fruitier taste, made with the Arbequina, Koroneiki and Pico Limón varieties.

The winning EVOO, which received the most votes from the attendees, was Coupage A and is now available in our cellar. What are you waiting for to try this magnificent EVOO produced by professional tasters and chosen by popular vote?

Oleoculture, gastronomy and food and pairing


As it could not be missing in any celebration, in our Ancestral Event we not only show how our EVOO is produced and elaborate the Ancestral Coupage, the most important thing is to be able to spend time with our loved ones, accompanied by a good meal paired with our oils and a good glass of wine.

At Peña Luna we are very proud of the way we produce our Extra Virgin Olive Oils and we are very grateful to everyone who joined us at the Ancestral 2023 Event, without you none of this would be possible. 


AOVE Peña Luna - Jamón serrano
AOVE Peña Luna - Olivicio
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